How to Play Oregon Trail: American Settler Game

Oregon Trail: American Settler is a fun, highly addictive app. The game is fairly new and there are few directions built into the game. Oregon Trail: American Settler is all about surviving and, hopefully, thriving in a new town. You will build the town from the ground up. There are opportunities to gain citizens, land, houses, buildings, animals and more through your actions.
The game can be played for free, which is how I play, but the pace is slower. Should you want to speed up the game, you have to pay for the privilege.

How to collect rent: Tap your finger on any building that has a yellow coin with a red dollar sign over it. Your person will go to that building and collect rent. A coin, badge, and a smiley face will appear. Touch each item so that they will go into your resources at the top of the screen. As you click on each item, it will tell you the amount you earned. For instance, when I click on a moderate house, I earn 105 coins, 1 badge (or XP), and 3 morale (smiley faces). The amount you collect can depend on your location. If the area surrounding the building has decoration by it, this will increase the rent. The more decorations around the building, the more rent.

How to build a building: To build a building, touch the brown bag in the right corner of your screen. The brown bag will open revealing several icons. Touch the yellow basket with corn and a carrot in it. This will bring you to the area where you can make purchases. There are tabs at the top of this screen showing you the different types of items you can purchase. Should you want to build a workshop you would touch the little wooden building with the blue and white awning and the coin sitting on the awning. This will bring you to buildings that you can purchase. The third building on the left is the workshop. It can be purchased for $1200 coins. Building a workshop will allow you to make supplies that you will need like mallets, paper, guns, fire, worms, buckets, cloths, horseshoes, bricks, and hand drills. To purchase the workshop touch the workshop. It will then show the workshop on the left hand side and tell you how much it costs (or what it takes to build it). The workshop costs 1200 coins and 20 in lumber. It also takes 5 people to build it. The effect is that it produces items. To purchase the item, touch the workshop again. It will bring you to your main screen and show the workshop on a red or green pad. Drag the workshop to the area you would like it to sit. If you have selected an area that works, the pad will be green. If the area is not available the pad will be red. Continue dragging the house until the pad turns green. Touch the green check mark to accept placement. If you decide not to purchase the workshop after all, touch the red x to cancel the purchase. Once placed, your person will immediately go to the location and start building. However, it won’t be finished with one energy. Once your person stops building, touch the location again to continue building. It will take three energy to build the workshop.

What houses are best: I created the below table to figure out what houses would yield the most rent at the lowest cost. I created a table that included the cost of each house, how much rent that house would yield, how many minutes it took to collect rent, the cost of rent compared to the cost to build the house, and the rent per minute. As you can see from the below table, the shanty actually yields the most rent in the shortest amount of time and they are the cheapest to build. However, to get this effect you would have to continually collect rent from the shany's every minute. If you do not collect the rent does not accumulate. If you step away for 24 hours and come back you will only have collected $22 in rent from one shanty.